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How long it will take my orders to get delivered?

This page is update frequently to reflect current print times.

We are following Standard and Rush printing options.

Standard Print Times:

These are current production times that does not include delivery time.

  • Fabric: 12-15 working days
Because of the nature of printing on-demand, production turn times are truly estimates. 

While an order may arrive ahead of your estimated ship date by a day or so, it may print and ship after this date as well. You will also receive an order confirmation email with an estimated date and then receive another email with tracking information once the order has shipped. 

Should you place multiple orders in the same week, it might be possible for one placed later to print and ship before another placed earlier. While the reasons for this may vary, it might be as simple as the fact that we sometimes print different substrates on different days. We always ship orders once they are completed.

Transit times will vary depending on the factory of production and the final destination of your goods. 

Rush Printing:

These are current production times that does not include delivery time.

  • Fabric: 6 to 8 working days

If you need rush printing for your order & to be received in 6 to 8 working days you will be charged extra 20% for your order. There will be additional delivery charges too.

Why my order taking longer than expected?

On occasion, the order fulfillment make take longer than expected. This may be caused by one of the following reasons:

  • The fabric is out if stock and needs to be ordered from the supplier(if delay is just a few days then we do not necessarily inform the customer.
  • The product did not pass the post-production quality checks and standards and needs to be reprinted to ensure meeting highest standards.
  • The order contains more than 50 yards.

However, if your order hasn’t been updated or shipped in 15 working days, please get in touch with our help center.

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